All that you wanted to know about Video Poker

A Brief History of Video Poker

Video poker’s history goes much farther back than the launch of the first playable video poker machine. It can actually be traced back to the initial days of card gambling games, from where it further evolved in places like saloons and river boats, during the 19th century. Video poker has emerged as a hugely popular game in both online and brick-and-mortar casino environments of the modern era.

Their association with slot machines
Even though you may wonder how slot machines are related to video poker, since they’re completely different in terms of their play and strategy, it’s the slot machines only that led to the emergence of the modern-day video poker machines!
The first ever slot type video poker machine was created and introduced in the year 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. The machine consisted of 50 playing cards distributed over five different drums, with every drum carrying 10 distinct playing cards each. The player was required to insert a coin into the provided slot, followed by pull of a lever, causing the spinning of the drums. These drums revealed the final cards once they came to a halt, resulting in the creation of a five card hand. The odds of ending up with a royal flush was reduced by half through removal of the jack of hearts and 10 of spades from the regular 52-card deck.

Introduction of the Liberty Slot Machine by Charles Fey
Charles Fey launched the highly popular Liberty slot machine in the year 1899. He was in fact later acknowledged as the father of the modern day slot machines. It was he who created the Card Bell, a machine that could automatically payout cash prizes to the winning players.
Charles invented a completely new machine in the year 1901 which had an interesting hold feature. This feature enabled the player to improve his/her hand by holding or stopping one or more drums of the machine, while continuing spinning a particular one. At its core, this new machine was a variant of the five card draw machine.

Involvement of electronics
The 1970s witnessed Dale Electronics launching the highly popular poker magic video poker gaming machine, the first ever electronic video poker machine in the truest sense.

Involvement of Si Redd
He was actually a distributor for Bally and had convinced them to register the patent of a new machine in his name. Si Redd then struck a deal with Fortune Coin Company, formed Sircoma, and started manufacturing the new variant of video poker gaming machines on his own.
Almost one year later, he went public using an altogether new company name IGT or International Game Technology. The 80s era saw the popularity of video poker gaming machines and slot machines growing phenomenally. The modern-day video poker gaming machines are actually the derivatives of the machines of those times.

Introduction of online video poker
The online video poker was introduced for the first time in the year 1994 by Microgaming who had developed the first-ever online casino software at that time. The company launched several different variations of the original online video poker software since that time. 90s was also the era when Internet had started gaining good penetration into homes throughout the world. So, it can be said that both Internet and online video poker grew hand-in-hand. This was also a time when people had started making online purchases using their credit cards.