All that you wanted to know about Video Poker

Dos and Don’ts of Video Poker


Do bet Max, always!
Jackpots like royal flush and others get ‘bonused’ or get paid the highest only in the instances when you’ve bet 5 coins or more on the video poker game. And what’s the point of playing if you can’t get paid the max! In case you can’t shell out the max coins of a certain denomination, get coins of a lower denomination and make sure that you play them at the max bet.
Avoid playing a pound, euro or a coin at a time. Instead, play a quarter video game by betting £ 1.25 every time. That way, you’ll be able to play longer and make more money in the process. It will also get you more comps!

Do sign up with the slot club
Whatever you do, you must never forget to sign up with the slot club. Why you ask?
Well, the first and foremost reason is the complimentary points you’ll receive for your play, which can then be utilised for comps, and several attractive offers in your mail. Normally, you won’t get any of these without a slot club card.
Another significant reason why you must sign up with the slot club is that it’ll help you deal with the taxman (if you’re playing in permissible places in Europe) in case you score taxable wins. The casino will normally be able to retain your records and tell you about your win/loss amounts, and what all should reflect in your tax statements, only if you’re using a slot club card.

Do keep a check on your alcohol intake
You become vulnerable to bad decisions even if you’re slightly tipsy. This is all the more true in case of video poker gaming as drunks can be seen making frequent strategy mistakes. They often miss card combinations that must actually be kept.
On the other hand, players who are serious about video poker gaming make the most of their casino visits and never go overboard with drinking. In addition, alcohol makes you uninhibited and you may end up playing more than you should, under its influence. Hence, do keep a check on your alcohol intake and stay sober when you’re in a casino.

Do shop around for the pay tables
It’s only when you’re playing video poker that you get the option of shopping around for the pay tables. It’s the only game where the casino tells you the exact payback or price of the game. You must learn and master the art of recognising the most optimum gaming returns. These are normally displayed on the video poker machines’ help screens or glass panels. Doing so can help you earn the maximum returns for every pound / euro spent playing the game.
Once you’ve figured out your favourite video poker game, practice it until you’ve completely mastered it and are ready to make a profitable trip to your favourite casino joint!


Don’t play close to any bothersome or vocal drunk
Completely avoid playing next to a drunk as the person will only end up distracting you from your game. He/she may completely ruin your fun. Either simply walk away from the place or take a short break and come back later.

Don’t play a casino where the buttons don’t work or are sticky
The surefire way of having an extremely unpleasant video poker gaming session is by choosing the machine that has malfunctioning or not-functioning buttons. It’s highly unlikely to play your best game if you’re constantly distracted and irritated by the buttons. As a result, you’ll not make the amount of money you could’ve otherwise made playing at some other casino.

Don’t go beyond your budget
One of the major mistakes you can make while playing video poker is playing over your head. Always set a budget for every video poker session and get up as soon as you exhaust that amount. In the same way, you must set a certain budget for the winnings as well. Get up and leave immediately after winning that amount.
You can never be successful at video poker if you are in-disciplined and don’t use common sense during the play. ‘Never Double Up for Catching Up’ and ‘Never Chase the Money.’ These are two sure-shot ways of digging a hole for yourself.